Nativo’s Full Funnel Approach Outperforms Display Retargeting


A top ten global automobile manufacturer aims to increase consumer awareness of their winter sales event and drive onsite buying behaviors such as find a dealer, build a car, estimate payments and more.


Nativo crafted an integrated native advertising strategy that drove awareness using branded content on premium publishers through Nativo’s True Native execution. With True Native, a native ad clicks into branded content within the publisher’s site (content landing page). Users that clicked were then re marketed to with both native and display ads (via a third party DSP) that clicked through to the advertiser’s winter sales landing page. In addition, a second audience pool was created by re marketing consumers who directly engaged with the brand’s own site.



The campaign demonstrated the full funnel potential for native advertising to influence consumers from awareness to conversion. Compared to the traditional display advertising, native executions drove 5x higher conversion rates. Additionally, the content landing page from the True Native experience achieved a 12% conversion rate and proved to be 50.8x better than display retargeting. The overall CPA resulted in a relatively exceptional $2.50. The campaign was a powerful combination that drove awareness at the top of the funnel with True Native executions, and pushed through to conversion on the brand’s site with native retargeting.


Key Stats


Date Featured:
June 28, 2017