Tips & Tricks: Automotive Vertical Best Practices


VentureBeat’s recent coverage of Nativo’s Spend On Native Advertising Report (SONAR) included content best practices for automotive advertisers. Real the full article here.

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VentureBeat | April 2, 2018
VentureBeat’s exclusive feature on Nativo’s Spend On Native Advertising Report (SONAR) revealed a key insight for automotive category marketers: the vertical demonstrated 42% YoY growth in native ad spend, taking the top spot for share of native investment. 

The study’s affirmation that automotive advertisers see the power of content marketing and are avid content creators means it’s more important than ever to craft engaging stories to capture reader attention.

This is not always easy given the competitive landscape and generally active news cycle, but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled all the data-backed tips, tricks and best practices from every automotive campaign run over the same 12-month period of the study. From headlines to calls-to-action, we’ve paved the road to user engagement.

Here’s everything you need to know for successful creative: