Nativo Branches Out Programmatically


October 3, 2017 - Originally published by


Nativo, a native advertising technology platform, has integrated with both Bidswitch, a programmatic infrastructure company, and Rubicon Project, an advertising technology company, to increase programmatic access to Nativo’s catalog of native ad formats and premium inventory.

With these integrations, advertisers can now transact with Nativo programmatically, accessing native inventory across all native ad formats, using Nativo Premium network and using buying platforms like Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM). Open exchange buyers will also be able to access native display inventory using Nativo’s nativeRTB, and across publishers using Nativo’s native SSP.

“These integrations are special because they connect programmatic buyers to a scaled supply of unique, brand-safe, highly performing native inventory, and empower our publishers to capture new direct and indirect programmatic revenue opportunities across all native ad formats. Most importantly, we went the extra mile and certified Bidswitch and Rubicon Project to transact True Native, or sponsored content, formats programmatically at scale, which remains a groundbreaking, industry-first capability uncontested by any other native technology provider. As a result, Nativo and our sell-side customers can invite marketers to seamlessly transact true full-funnel advertising solutions that accelerate the purchase path through any buying channel they choose to leverage. As content and advertising continue to intertwine, this innovation will prove invaluable to all sides of the supply chain and is another example of how Nativo has completely modernized the legacy adserver and exchange construct for our customers”, Chris Rooke, SVP strategy and operations, Nativo, tells ExchangeWire.