[Product Update] Campaign Metrics and Insights at Your Fingertips

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The Campaign Metrics page now offers more metrics at your fingertips and new format-specific metrics for additional insights. Save yourself a trip to the reporting tab and access a host of new metrics without ever leaving the page.

1.8.8 New Campaigns Detail Page (image 1).png

Metrics at Your Fingertips

You can now access a number of new metrics merely by hovering over a value. For example, scroll over the CTA Rate value for a Native Article ad and you will be able to view Article Action Metrics, including CTA Rate, CTA Clicks, Video Views and the Click Companion Assets rate. An updated totals column at the bottom has also been improved with additional metrics. Simply scroll over the total for a given metric and you will be able to view a breakdown of the total. 

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Insightful Metrics for Each Ad Type

You will see insightful metrics by ad type. In the previous example, we were able to view the following action metrics for a Native Article:  CTA Rate, CTA Clicks, Video Views and Companion Asset Clicks. Hover over the CTA Rate metric for a Scroll-to-Play Video and ad-specific metrics will be displayed, including Mute, Un-Mute, Fullscreen and more. These format-specific metrics provide deeper insights into ad performance.

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More Highlights

  • The pricing model and rate are listed at the budget-level for easy viewing.

  • You can now view Average Time on Content to compare performance across ad types. 

  • Ad Types are now grouped by format by default.
  • A new metric for Billable has been added under Views and will show depending on the pricing model. 

For more information, please contact your Account Manager.