What to Watch for at Cannes Lions

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The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world’s largest festival for the entertainment, design, tech, and creative and marketing communications industries. We sat down with SVP of Strategy and Operations, Chris Rooke, and Andrew Rosen, VP, Sales and Agency Development, to learn about the hottest trends to expect at Cannes Lions this year.  

What are you most looking forward to at Cannes Lions?

Chris Rooke: The event provides a unique environment to spend quality time and connect on a personal level with industry peers, clients, and new acquaintances. In my experience, the relationship and trust building that take place are levels beyond what is feasible during the normal day-to-day course of business.

Andrew Rosen: The people attending Cannes are the ones finding new and better ways to connect with consumers, build and evolve brands, and shape the future by influencing not just what and how people buy, but the way they interact with the world around them. I’m excited to connect with these people in an environment where that spirit is front and center.

Which topics and trending themes are you excited to discuss with festival attendees?

CR: I’m interested to learn how publishers are faring with consumer consent capture post-GDPR. I’m also keen to understand if and how they are rethinking their reliance on Google, following Google’s actions leading up to GDPR enforcement, such as trying to force co-controller status and limiting the number of ad tech providers in Funding Choices. Finally, I’m excited to progress ongoing discussions regarding adoption of our tech and further validate how best to tell our story, given how deep our product suite is at this stage.  

AR: I’m excited to hear how brands are approaching purpose-driven marketing and who’s actually pushing for and enacting social change. For those who are the most active and successful, how are they measuring how that success is impacting their bottom line?

What new developments in content should festival-goers look out for?

AR: The functional combination of art and science. New platforms are enabling better decision-making, collaboration, and clearer ROI attribution against dollars invested into content marketing across all channels.  This creates a massive growth opportunity and competitive advantage for the brands that operationalize these tools and practices.

CR: From the publisher perspective, market signals indicate growing demand for better tech and tools to more effectively administer and scale direct-sold content advertising programs. There is also a real need for sales best practices and case studies on how to utilize and measure native ad products to deliver KPIs and business outcomes their clients care about. In prior years, these things were “nice-to-haves” but the premium publisher market is now more interested and engaged on these topics. Nativo’s tools for publishers, such as private marketplaces, content amplification, and campaign insights reports help meet these needs.  


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Chris Rooke SVP, Strategy and Operations Nativo

Chris Rooke
SVP, Strategy and Operations

Andrew Rosen VP, Sales and Agency Development Nativo

Andrew Rosen
VP, Sales and Agency Development