True Native Drives Lift In Branding Metrics


Nativo commissioned comScore to evaluate brand metrics from 25 national campaigns, using comScore’s Brand Survey Lift™ solution. The goal of the study was to determine the impact of True Native at critical stages of consumers’ purchase decision making.


Nativo focused exclusively on True Native ad campaigns to measure the efficacy of the click-in execution. True Native’s unique click-in experience captures user attention in the publisher feed and leads consumers to engage with brand content within the publisher environment via a content landing page.



The comScore study illustrated the ability of True Native to drive brand performance metrics throughout the consumer journey. Consumers exposed to True Native ad experiences scored high across aided and unaided brand awareness, ad recall, recommendation intent, and purchase consideration when compared to a baseline of display and native click-out. The study measured brand lift across a variety of verticals including automotive, tech, and CPG.

Results conclusively reveal True Native’s power to positively influence consumers across a variety of branding metrics. True Native created significant lift across five brand health metrics: Unaided Awareness, Aided Awareness, Online Ad Recall, RecommendationIntent, and Purchase Intent. The native ad exposure had more than double the lift in purchase intent than a traditional digital ad.* For consumers who then saw the native article, there was an incremental eight point lift culminating in a 13pt lift in purchase intent.


Key Stats

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Date Featured:
July 28, 2017