Content Amplification: Extend Native Reach Beyond Owned & Operated Properties


How Publishers Use Content Amplification to Extend Reach

It’s no secret publishers are constantly on the hunt for incremental inventory fill that does not compromise quality. At the same time, we understand that our publishers running direct-sold campaigns often don’t have the necessary owned and operated reach to deliver campaigns in full. Nativo’s Content Amplification helps you bridge the gap between demand and reach.

Previously available through the Nativo Plus marketplace, Content Amplification is now a standalone paid distribution channel focused exclusively on scaling publisher direct-sold click-in True Native, Click-to-Play Video, Scroll-to-Play Video, and Native Display formats across a marketplace of high-performing native inventory. Targeting capabilities available to publishers include Contextual, Audience, Geo, Device, Carrier and Daypart. Content Amplification is the perfect source for additional, high-quality reach to ensure your direct-sold campaigns deliver in full.


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How Content Amplification Works



Content Amplification Best Practices

Need Higher Engagement? Choose Content Syndication

By leveraging Native Article or Native Video formats, branded content is distributed more broadly across the Nativo exchange, giving you high-quality reach with the most robust targeting capabilities available in the platform.

Want to Drive Traffic? Use Traffic Referral

Increase traffic and page views with Native Display campaigns across the Nativo exchange. Point users to content on your site or an advertiser’s landing page.

Is Reporting Your Goal? Try Partner Referral

To drive traffic from other paid media channels, access Partner Referrals. This allows you to drive traffic back to your site and measure traffic by source -- whether it’s generated from Facebook, Twitter, or recommendation vendors.

Content Amplification is also a great source to increase your fill with high-quality demand.

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