How To Streamline the Content Creation Process


According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B marketers aim to increase content creation in 2017. This is no doubt the result of a major paradigm shift in paid media, as marketers shift their focus from traditional ad formats to ones that tap the power of content. Publishers who play a leading role in helping marketers to succeed at content will become valued partners in this emerging landscape.

To help our publisher clients with this burgeoning opportunity, Nativo continues to evolve its technology offering and best practices to facilitate the development of publisher content studios. Follow these four best practices to learn how to run a content studio and drive deeper relationships with your marketers:


BEST PRACTICE #1: Provide a Boost to Get Started

We often hear that “content is hard” or “where do we even start?” Like any other worthwhile endeavor, the first step is often the most daunting. To help your clients avoid fear of the “blank page,” provide helpful tools to kick-start the content creation process.

For content newbies starting from scratch, predefined templates will help to get things moving. Nativo’s Content Templates, developed in-house by our expert Content Labs team, ease the content creation process by providing users with pre-built article options based on industry best practices. Simply scroll through the Content Template options for inspiration, find the perfect template, and pop in branded content. Note that the template placeholder copy actually provides instructions and tips to fast track the content creation process.


For marketers who have existing content, suggest repurposing it as new creatives and campaigns. Nativo’s Content Ingest is a fan favorite to help marketers fill in that blank page in a snap. Simply drop in the URL that contains the existing content into the platform and this cool feature pulls the creative elements from the webpage into the Content Library.

First, copy the URL and paste it into Content Ingest.


Bam! Within seconds the Content Library is populated with new creative assets organized by topic, including Content, Preview Text, Images and Headlines. Below is a screenshot of the populated Images tab.

5 boho chic looks.png

Content Templates and Content Ingest help you take your client’s native campaign from blank page to launch in no time.


BEST PRACTICE #2: Get Organized

Another key challenge facing content marketers is managing cumbersome workflows. Where is the approved copy? What images have been updated? I’m in the middle of creating an ad - where are the finalized assets?

Whether you are trying to keep your content team organized or working with clients, Nativo’s Content Library helps streamline the process by keeping creative assets organized and accessible. The Content Library is a centralized hub to manage creative assets. You and your clients can quickly navigate to manage content, preview text, images, headlines, companion assets and more.

When it’s time to create the ad, you can pull the creative directly from the Content Library into the Ad Creation workflow.


You can leverage the same creative in as many ads as they want, saving the manual effort of creating and maintaining the same content in different places. This is a big time-saver for the content team.


BEST PRACTICE #3: Ready. Set. Collaborate!

Both content newbies and experienced content marketers struggle with collaboration. What image did he want to update? Where are her notes on the copy? Was I on that email?!

Engaging the necessary stakeholders, facilitating communication, and keeping everyone on the same page is challenging. Building creatives in the Content Library allows you and your clients to set the rules of collaboration, including which org or orgs have creative edit and approval rights, by creative. It also provides in-app commenting capabilities to enable stakeholders to add and view comments for a given creative so you can track the status of a creative and keep everyone on the same page.


Nativo’s annotation tool makes tracking edits and comments even easier. With this tool, stakeholders can call attention to a specific piece of copy or a particular image that needs to be updated or edited. See below for a screenshot of the annotation tool.



BEST PRACTICE #4: Showcase Success; Drive Renewals

While many marketers create content, they struggle to understand how their content is performing against their goals. Create deeper relationships with your clients and drive incremental revenue by providing insights to improve performance. Using Nativo’s updated Content dashboard, you can help clients identify top-performing content and create extension and renewal opportunities for additional dollars.

Measuring performance at the ad, budget, and campaign level is typically a straight-forward process, but understanding how creatives perform across multiple ads is more difficult and more important. The Content dashboard is the best tool to view performance by creative. Click into the Content Library and you can quickly view CTR, Views, CTA Rate, Scroll metrics, Time on Content and more. The Content dashboard provides creative performance insights at your fingertips.


In addition to the Content dashboard, you can break down by Creative, Creative Headline, and Creative Preview Image in Campaign reports to see how each asset is performing. With the Content dashboard and creative reporting options, you can provide your partners with actionable insights and drive renewals.