3 Ways the Content Library Helps Publishers

streamline content creation.png

Publishers with content studios face the challenges of generating content, collaborating efficiently, and optimizing campaigns. Nativo’s Content Library addresses each of these, harnessing the power of content in a single platform. Here are three ways the Content Library streamlines content creation and management for publishers.

Scale Content and Save Time

Content Ingest, a feature of the Content Library, helps publishers meet the demands of content-heavy marketing without reinventing the wheel. Plug in a URL from the client’s website or blog and Content Ingest takes it from there. It scans the page for creative elements such as copy, preview text, and images, and organizes them in one place to quickly build new native content. There’s no need to go through another round of approvals, because Content Ingest repurposes elements previously reviewed and approved. The “one-to-many” capability of the Content Library also saves time and effort: if a change is needed to a creative, it only needs to be made once, since the update is seamlessly pushed to many ads simultaneously.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

In the era of instant messages, emails, and texts, it can be difficult to keep track of discussions surrounding the approval of creative. The Content Library’s commenting feature promotes efficient communication and higher transparency, resulting in a streamlined collaboration process with everyone on the same page. Comments and annotations appear alongside the content itself, showing who is viewing, approving, and making suggestions to creatives and when. This is valuable to publishers with a multi-level org structure requiring in-app communication; in addition, publishers can easily invite advertisers and media agencies to collaborate on and approve creatives, increasing the speed and efficiency of campaign launch.


Optimize Campaigns

Deploying the ad is only half the battle: the next step is to measure its success. While performance is traditionally measured at ad, budget, and campaign levels, analyzing the performance of specific creatives across multiple ads is just as important and yet harder to do—until now. The Content Library dashboard gives publishers insight into the performance of individual creatives and identifies which ones are performing the best, based on CTR, time spent, and more. Creatives can then be hand-picked based on the desired campaign’s KPI. Over time, as the Content Library encompasses more creative assets, the publisher can access more data to make informed decisions and encourage repeat campaigns.


Now that you’re ready to use the Content Library to get the most value from your content, collaborate more efficiently, and optimize campaigns, check out our best practices for content creation!