Coming Soon: Content Library Supports Native Display


Content Library, already a user favorite, makes it easy to collect, manage, and share content assets across campaigns. We are excited to announce that Content Library will soon support Native Display. This means you will be able to create and maintain all of your native advertising assets in one centralized location, making content creation a breeze.

In addition to Native Display, we have several exciting new updates to streamline workflows in Content Library.

Seamlessly Navigate Between Ad and Creative 

Updated navigation enables you to seamlessly navigate between an Ad and a Creative. Let’s say you created a creative in the Content Library and later want to make an edit. In the Ad Editor workflow you will see a new button: “Go to Creative.”

To make an edit, click the “Go to Creative” button and you will be directed to the Creative. See below.

On the Creative page, you can make edits and push these edits to your Ads by clicking “Update Ads.” If you have no edits, simply click “Return to Ad.”


Unlink Ads for More Flexibility

Want to make a change to a specific Ad without affecting the Creative to which it is linked? You now have the option to unlink the Ad from the Creative.

Simply click “Unlink Creative” in the Ad Editor and the Ad will be unlinked. Note, once an Ad is unlinked from a Creative, the Ad will be out of sync from the Creative.


Streamlined Ad Editor UI

In the Ad Editor, you will now find all of your creative assets conveniently grouped together on the new “Creative” tab. This update helps to improve navigation and streamline your workflow.


Check out these new features in the Content Library today, and contact your AM if you have any questions.