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Nativo Calls for Transparency

The third in a series of columns in which Nativo CEO Justin Choi shines light on the digital advertising ecosystem from different angles is now live on Digiday. Previously Choi focused on “reach at all cost” mentality of advertisers and “fill at all cost” mentality of publishers. In his latest, he looks at opaque pricing tactics of technology vendors and calls all ecosystem partners to adopt more transparent pricing practices.

comScore US Study Shows True Native Outperforms Industry Benchmarks

As native advertising continues to capture growing amounts of advertising share, it has evolved from a means to strengthen consumer engagement to a powerful tool to influence consumer behavior at all stages of the decision-making process. Nativo commissioned comScore to evaluate brand metrics from 25 national campaigns and determine True Native’s impact at critical stages of the purchase journey. Results conclusively revealed Nativo’s signature format, True Native, created significant lift across five brand metrics throughout the entire purchase journey, including Awareness, Ad Recall and Purchase Intent.

Making Content Easy: Content Templates and Related Content Widget

Coming Soon: Accelerate Content Creation with Content Templates

78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing. (Source: DemandMetric) As the growth in content marketing continues, many marketers lack the bandwidth to scale their content marketing initiatives. Content Templates simplifies content creation for brand marketers.

Content Templates ease the content creation process by providing users with pre-built article options based on industry best practices. Pre-built templates give content creators a needed head start. Simply scroll through the Content Template options for inspiration, find the perfect template, and pop in your branded content!


Template options include listicles, lookbooks, visual essays, and infographics, just to name a few. Simply replace placeholder copy and images with brand assets and the creative is complete. Get started today!


Classes are almost back in session! Use our Back to School Checklist to tune up your content calendar for fall.


Header Bidding Is the Most Misused Term In Ad Tech
Designed to level the playing field and offer equal access to advertisers seeking publisher inventory, header bidding often has the opposite effect.


How Technology Is Redefining Native Advertising For Brands
The growth in mobile devices and apps, videos and social media has changed the native advertising game leaving many brands scrambling to adapt.

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In Programmatic, Buyers Sometimes Don’t Know What Type Of Auction They’re Bidding In
Programmatic ad buying theoretically brings full transparency to ad buys, but the nature of the system often shrouds the process.


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