Native Distribution: Principles for Creative Best Practice

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IAB UK | June 12, 2018 - IAB UK has published a list of best practices for creative assets. Nativo's John Haake weighs in on the importance of labeling sponsored content.

Be transparent, use clear labeling so people know content is advertiser funded

Content advertising in the UK should meet the IAB UK Content and Native Disclosure Guidelines as a minimum to ensure transparency that content is advertiser funded.

To ensure the best possible consumer experience, research can be conducted to shape your own set of standards. Nativo conducted a study to determine consumers’ ability to recognize paid advertising that borrows from the aesthetics of surrounding editorial content. 

The study asked consumers to consider two "articles", one sponsored and one editorial, when answering three questions: Why is the formatting of one article different from the other?; What does "Sponsored Content" mean?; Who is the source or author?

To summarize the findings:

  • 40% of readers understood why sponsored ad was formatted differently from the editorial content.

  • 84% of respondents correctly defined "sponsored content."

  • 93% correctly identified the byline author as the advertiser. 

This data, alongside the IAB UK Content and Native Disclosure Guidelines, informed Nativo’s own set of standards ensuring ad funded content is always clearly labeled.


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John Haake SVP, Marketing Nativo

John Haake
SVP, Marketing

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