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Programmatic Pipes Connect DBM Buyers to Nativo Premium Inventory and Native Formats

Integrations with Rubicon and Bidswitch open up Nativo’s exclusive native formats and publisher-direct inventory to media buyers on multiple platforms including Doubleclick’s Bid Manager (DBM) and Rocketfuel. The integrations enable direct access to Nativo Premium, a comprehensive catalog of native advertising formats with a 201mm monthly in-feed reach via private marketplace / deal ID workflows. Buyers can also access nativeRTB, an open marketplace, where publishers using Nativo’s SSP platform offer remnant native inventory via real time auction.

"These integrations accelerate a paradigm shift that has savvy advertisers seeking to reach audiences within the editorial feed of premium publishers–where consumers are more inclined to engage,” said Chris Rooke, SVP of Strategy and Operations for Nativo.

Rubicon and Bidswitch represent the latest programmatic integrations for Nativo. Earlier this year, buyers on The Trade Desk began accessing Nativo’s premium inventory and exclusive native formats.


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