New Demand Channels & Monetization Management


New Demand Channels & Updates to Optimize Yield

In the fast-moving digital advertising ecosystem, publishers are seeking ways to increase fill and optimize yield without sacrificing quality. As a dedicated partner, Nativo continues to develop new opportunities for publishers to achieve their goal of maximizing revenue without negatively impacting the user experience. From the most premium demand in the market to syndicated video to robust third-party demand, Nativo offers publishers the only comprehensive option for monetization.

Today we are excited to share two expanded offerings to help publishers drive their native advertising business, including new demand channels and streamlined tools for inventory management and optimization.

You will see these updates roll out over the next few weeks.


New Demand Channels

Nativo demand channels offer publishers access to robust demand options to maximize fill and revenue. The demand channels are designed to give publishers streamlined options to opt into demand and to provide increased transparency into the types of demand they can access via Nativo.


Nativo Premium is Nativo’s signature offering. This channel offers the most premium demand in the market generated by Nativo’s direct one-to-one relationships with top brand advertisers and agencies

Our premium demand channel has expanded to include Native Article and Click-to-Play Video, and now Scroll-to-Play video and Native Display. This makes Nativo Premium the only comprehensive source of native formats and premium inventory for major advertisers. The repackaging of Nativo-sold demand will increase fill opportunities while simplifying the opt-in process down to a single click.

If you accept demand from Nativo, you are already opted in to Nativo Premium. If you are not accepting Nativo demand, contact your Account Manager today.


Nativo Español is a new invitation-only demand channel for Spanish language campaigns. Like Nativo Premium, this channel provides premium demand sold exclusively by Nativo’s expert sales organization. The channel offers Native Article, Click-to-Play Video, Scroll-to-Play Video and Native display formats. Contact your Account Manager for details.


Nothing grabs eyeballs like video. Syndicated Video enables Nativo publishers to activate new video demand from premium video content publishers. The execution combines video content preceded by a pre-roll ad and can run in existing placements. It’s the perfect opportunity for publishers looking for incremental video demand, but don’t have editorial video and don’t want to run stand alone pre-roll ads. The channel is powered by content from over 300 channels of premium video programming across News, Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle.


Content Amplification is another new demand channel and includes quality, publisher direct-sold Native Article, Click-to-Play Video, Scroll-to-Play Video, and Native Display - all quality-approved by Nativo.

This quality, incremental demand was previously available through Nativo Plus, but is now available through its own channel to increase transparency and to simplify the process of opting-in to this premium offering. For publishers looking to increase fill while maintaining quality, Content Amplification demand is a great option.


nativeRTB aggregates an ever-growing list of third-party demand providers in an open exchange to provide new fill opportunities to publishers. Demand partners including The Trade Desk, Bidtellect, Zemanta, StackAdapt, Spartan, PulsePoint, Powerlinks, and Storygize bid to win native display impressions on the open exchange. Recent integrations with Rubicon Project and Bidswitch bring nativeRTB inventory to programmatic buyers on DoubleClick BidManager (DBM), Yahoo, Adelphic, and Rocketfuel platforms. Several more demand provider integrations are planned for 2017 to make nativeRTB the go-to option for third-party demand.

Monetization Management

Expanded demand channels aren’t the only new thing for publishers. Soon the new Monetization module will arm publishers with powerful tools to easily manage their demand. Publishers will be able to leverage more granular selections for demand channels, allowed ad types, serving policies, pricing floors, and more.


The new monetization tools provide publishers with greater controls to manage demand, optimize yield and maximize revenue.

Launching: New Third-Party Tracker Management

Advertisers have endless asks when it comes to ad and campaign performance metrics, and third-party trackers are at the top of that list. While third-party tracking tags offer advertisers flexibility, managing these trackers can be complicated. To simplify the process, we created a more efficient and robust tracking tab. 

Third-Party Tracker Management updates include better tab usability, enhanced device breakdowns, new video trackers, and budget-level tags to provide advertisers with enhanced flexibility and options. Below is a screenshot of the new tab:


Key highlights for Third-Party Tracker Management include:

  • Customizable tab with easy-to-navigate dropdowns and a dynamic UI.
  • Ability to create a single ad and split out trackers by device provide a streamlined workflow.
  • Budget-level tracking enables shared tracking across ads.
  • Bulk actions provide the ability to update ad tracking with ease.
  • Import and export capabilities help automate the ad tracking process.
  • Expanded menu options for video-specific trackers include Video billable view, Pre-roll Video Start and Pre-roll Video End.

We want to hear from you! Check out the new Third-Party Tracker Management today and let us know what you think. Please reach out to your Account Manager or share feedback with the Nativo Product Team directly at


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