GDPR Facilitates Better Advertiser-Publisher Relationships


Media Post | September 12, 2018 - It’s been only a few months since GDPR went into effect, and advertisers and publishers are still adjusting to their new reality. As the dust settles around the compliance layer within ad tech, questions linger regarding how long-term consumer behavior will adapt to new consent requests. One truth has emerged: Advertisers’ relationships with publishers are more important today than they’ve ever been.

One consequence of the post-GDPR reality: Brands that have historically relied on third-party data have felt the pinch of GDPR more than others. First-party data has always been an important asset for brands. This importance has been underscored — and advertisers that lack first-party data are feeling the pinch — now that Facebook has decided to pull back its Partners Categories offering and other third-party data providers continue to wrestle with the limitations of GDPR compliance.

The newly restricted landscape for third-party data has illuminated the renewed value of publisher data for advertisers, based on the following two macro trends in our post-GDPR world: the reemergence of contextual targeting and the rise of second-party engagement data from publishers.


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Casey Wuestefeld VP, Campaign Operations Nativo

Casey Wuestefeld
VP, Campaign Operations

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