As the Shift to Mobile Continues, Look to Video to Drive Growth

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Native Advertising Institute | May 28, 2018 - Consumer eyeballs are certainly glued to mobile video. eMarketer projects that this year, one in four people will use a mobile device to watch video every single month, which represents an 11.9% increase from last year. And according to Nielsen data, since 2016 millennial  “cord-cutters” – or more aptly, “cord-nevers” – consumed more video on their smartphones than on televisions.

Though millennials may be leading the behavioral shift toward mobile, it is reflective of changes seen across the demographic spectrum. And mobile video is leading the charge as the fastest-growing overall online advertising channel. About 80% of brands say they are planning to increase their spend on video advertising this year. These expanding budgets are warranted by a surging number of views for digital video content.

This may signal that the days of interruptive, irritating pre-roll ads are coming to an end.

Simultaneously, consumers are showing less tolerance for traditional formats that came of age on desktop. Pre-roll video is such a consumer irritant that it is the number one reason cited by consumers for installing ad blockers. However, this sentiment doesn’t seem to apply to newer out-stream video formats. They break free from the confines of pre-roll in stand-alone video players and instead favor contextually relevant video content served within publishers’ feeds and article pages. And savvy media agencies are taking note. According to eMarketer, 77% of agencies say out-stream video formats are crucial to client success.

Nativo data supports this trend. In recent years we have seen video consumption among mobile users explode and far outpace desktop. In fact, from 2015 to 2017 start rates of our user-initiated out-stream video format (Click-to-Play) saw a whopping increase of 330% on mobile, and the average mobile user increased time spent with content by 52%. This may signal that the days of interruptive, irritating pre-roll ads are coming to an end.

In a world where everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, savvy brands understand that the best place to reach consumers is on their go-to device, and with out-stream video.


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Lada Durica Publisher Account Manager Nativo

Lada Durica
Publisher Account Manager

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