New Mobile SDK


Open Up High Performing Mobile Inventory

Nativo launched its new and improved mobile SDK for iOS and Android. The release is supported by a turnkey integration process for publishers seeking to unlock high-performing mobile app demand and native formats that seamlessly blend with the mobile experience. The SDK taps high-quality demand driven by Nativo media sales and publisher direct-sold campaigns.

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Advertising Week Briefing: Media’s Got A Trust Problem
When it comes to integrity and transparency, there is still widespread distrust across the entire ad supply chain. While solutions were few and far between, there was plenty of finger-pointing to fill the void.


Nativo Branches Out Programmatically
Nativo has integrated with both Bidswitch and Rubicon Project to increase programmatic access to Nativo’s catalog of native ad formats and premium inventory.


From ‘User Experience’ To ‘User Expectation’
If advertisers want to combat ad blocking, they need to start thinking of user expectation as the new UX and considering how that translates to native formats, believes Casey Wuestefeld.


October 2017 Publisher Newsletter