Nativo to Streamline Branded Content Creative Management with Content Library


Martech Advisor | November 15, 2018 - Nativo, the unified publisher technology platform for in-feed and branded content advertising, has launched their Content Library, the centerpiece of their Content Collaboration suite that helps publishers maximize efficiencies across branded content creation, management, and collaboration. It’s the first of its kind publisher solution that on average, speeds up workflows by more than four hours, and significantly reduces costs and errors normally associated with building content creative.

For publishers, content creation and management typically requires laborious and time-consuming processes, where inefficiencies can lead to costly campaign launches and potentially negatively impact client relationships. Nativo’s Content Library provides a dedicated environment that allows publisher content teams to focus on content creation and performance, rather than relying on disparate systems to execute their strategies. It centralizes the management of creative elements of the ad, simplifying the experience for content teams, allowing more efficient reuse, and providing a showcase and dedicated area for evaluating creative metrics. Creatives can be built manually, quick-started with templates, or “ingested” from a public webpage.

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