Nativo Touts Results Of Lengthy Native Ad Spend Study By Vertical


April 12, 2017 - Originally published by


For the first time, digital marketers can see how specific verticals have allocated their native investments throughout recent years.

That’s the announcement shared with MMW today from Nativo, a leading native advertising technology platform.

The company has just published the results of a landmark study examining native advertising spending from Q1’2014 through Q4’2016.

Nativo’s Business Intelligence team analyzed ad spend across their entire marketplace, identifying key trends from major verticals such as Automotive, Travel, CPG, Health & Fitness, Finance and Insurance, Tech (both B2B and B2C), Entertainment, and Food and Beverage.

The report asserts that overall, native spend is on the rise: across all verticals in Nativo’s marketplace, spend increased by 500% from 2014 to 2016. This further validates eMarketer’s recent projections that by 2018, marketers plan to lean further into native—US native ad spend will reach more than $28 billion.

But beyond the broader positive outlook for native, never before had ad spend trends been broken down by specific verticals. The industry only had access to vertical trends anecdotally. To provide digital marketers with insightful benchmark data, Nativo analyzed three years of native ad spend on their signature True Native (in feed, click-in native ad units) and Native Video formats. Results reveal markedly different ad spend trends by vertical.