Native Article Generates Pharmaceutical Company Awareness



A major Pharmaceutical company tasked Nativo to generate awareness for their osteoarthritis knee pain relief injection and direct qualified leads to the brand’s website to learn more about the treatment.


The advertiser leveraged Nativo’s unique Native Article execution and real-time content optimization to capture user attention in the editorial feed. Patients then engaged with brand content via an article page hosted on the publisher site. Insightful headlines, compelling preview images and genuine patient testimonials communicated the value of the treatment.



comScore results revealed that 90% of respondents who engaged with the Native Article were qualified prospects, exceeding the 84% comScore benchmark by 6 points. Of the 90% of respondents that fit within brand’s target demographic, 84% were not current patients and had never used the pharmaceutical treatment to relieve their osteoarthritic knee pain.

The engagement generated via the Native Article execution – on average 77 seconds at a time – significantly increased patients’ likelihood to seek out further information from a doctor. After engaging with the native article, 70% of respondents intended to ask their doctor about the treatment for their osteoarthritic knee pain. Audience intent to seek further information from a doctor driven by Native Article exceeded the client’s 30% benchmark by more than 2x.


Key Stats