How Pharma Brands Use Native Content to Connect With Audiences

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Creating native content that engages, educates, and inspires is inevitably a different experience from vertical to vertical. While a variety of tactics see success across categories, the most content-savvy advertisers find specific ways to resonate with the audiences following their individual industries. We gathered insights into the most successful strategies pharmaceutical advertisers employ.

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Holistic Helps
When developing content that references a chronic illness, taking a holistic approach is recommended. Use creative to address audiences as multi-dimensional people, and likewise, reference symptoms as a whole. A closer examination of one of Nativo’s largest pharma advertisers found that headlines referencing an entire suite of symptoms yielded a higher CTR on average than those referencing just one. Using this type of headline language can increase the content’s inclusivity and cast a wider net for potential audiences.

Use Creative to Humanize
Though content and medicine are vastly different, there’s something to be said about addressing the patient rather than addressing the ailment or illness. People don't like to be defined by the symptoms of the chronic disease they're trying to manage, so creating content solely focused on symptom management misses an opportunity to connect with the audience. Forego industry jargon! Instead, work to draw inspiration from lifestyle concepts that demonstrate a fulfilling life after a diagnosis, making sure that content reflects reasonable possibilities given the potential limitations of readers’ diagnoses.  Use concepts that incorporate readers’ hobbies or interests to emphasize brand relatability and create a lasting impression.

Seek to Educate
Pharmacists, doctors, drug inserts, and more all provide a wealth of information to offer the most balanced representation of a drug, its effectiveness, and potential side effects. Native offers solutions for advertisers looking to educate readers on a medication’s Important Safety Information (ISI). By including ISI directly within the content landing page as a scrolling or static companion asset, advertisers may provide readers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

While Important Safety Information is crucial and in some cases required for compliance, advertisers also have an opportunity to provide lifestyle content that educates. Content that focuses on managing symptoms and potential lifestyle changes after a diagnosis can help equip readers with resources catered to their unique health.

As spend in the pharma vertical continues to grow – 20% from 2016 to 2017 – so will the need for advertisers to distinguish themselves from competing brands. Create a campaign that leverages your brand’s messaging to connect patients with the information they need to take ownership of their health.

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