Here’s How Native Video Drives Results


Whether your brand’s goals are driven by brand awareness or lower funnel actions, Native Video is an excellent solution. Nothing grabs eyes like video: in fact, a 2016 Nielsen study showed that native video increases brand lift 50% more than pre-roll video.

Designed for massive reach and engagement, Nativo’s Scroll-to-Play and Click-to-Play Native Video beautifully places your brand’s content within the editorial feed of premium publishers. Scroll-to-Play grabs attention and builds awareness  as the video player scrolls into view muted; users can click for audio or full screen, or go to to the site. Click-to-Play is effective further along the purchase journey by identifying  motivated hand-raisers who choose to click to view your brand’s content.  


Need to advocate and inform?

Use Scroll-to-Play to amplify tutorials, how-to’s, social media, influencer content, or corporate messaging.

Want to give a sneak peek?

Scroll-to-Play Video is an excellent way to promote premieres and special episodes, tease content with recaps and behind-the-scenes exclusives, repurpose celebrity content, or give a boost to web exclusives or webisodes.

Launching or relaunching your brand?

Scroll-to-Play is a highly effective tool for brand launches. Use it to share product features and testimonials, amplify branded stories, or drive traffic to third-party reviews.

Looking for a highly-engaged audience?

Click-to-Play native video uncovers motivated consumers who actively choose to engage with your branded content. It’s the right video format to drive engagement and video completion and is available on vCPM.

No Video? No Problem!

Turn existing images and content into beautiful branded video with Nativo’s automated video creation. Simply provide us some basic assets, such as an article, webpage, or images. We’ll incorporate motion, voiceover, graphics, text, and music to transform your content into an awesome video.

Get Started

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