Nativo CEO to Speak at Upcoming Industry Events

Justin Choi

Justin Choi

Join us at two exciting, upcoming events to hear Nativo founder and CEO, Justin Choi, discuss the future of content.

Digital Ascendant Gathering
April 25-26, 2018, New York City

Making Good on the Promise of Content

Justin Choi leads a discussion on the complicated waters today’s marketers must navigate. Jort Possel, Managing Director of Digital Marketing at Accenture, joins the conversation with his unique perspective as a marketer with a passion for digital and social anthropology. The two will unravel knots around the promise of brands becoming content creators in a world influenced by algorithms, GDPR, data breaches, and fake news. How can marketers tackle the cumbersome process around producing, distributing, and attributing their content marketing strategies?

Connect CMO
April 29 - May 1, 2018, Las Vegas

Choosing the Right Tools in the Age of Content

As content marketing spend continues to climb, marketers must determine what content creates returns, and how to amplify it further in service of business goals. Justin Choi leads a discussion about the obstacles brand marketers face, including measurement, efficacy tracking, and syndication, and explores some of the tools emerging to solve these challenges. You'll discover how to measure the impact of content marketing and how to optimize content towards successful business outcomes.