Nativo’s Most Recent Call for Transparency


Buy-side fees in the programmatic supply chain have gone under the microscope as of late, with the recent news that Rubicon has eliminated such fees. AdExchanger recently surveyed several ecosystem players on whether they charged buy-side / nontransparent fees or not. Chris Rooke, SVP of Strategy and Operations, responded for Nativo.

"Nativo has always taken the view that ad tech must add value to the supply chain, and should only charge one side of the transaction. We remain committed to creating a transparent ecosystem that serves the best interests of sellers, buyers and consumers."

In a Digiday byline earlier this spring, Justin Choi called for full transparency as dollars move from one side of the value chain to the other.

"If automation is going to support and sustain the value chain that has upheld ad-supported media for almost two centuries, it needs to provide advertisers and publishers the means to understand where the money is going. Anything short of 100% transparency is unacceptable."