Nativo Employees Give Back During Global Volunteer Week

Passion and teamwork are two of Nativo’s core values, but this isn’t confined to just the work we do at the office. The recently-inaugurated Global Volunteer Week was an opportunity for Nativo team members to show their passion and teamwork while benefiting local and national charities. Our volunteering encompassed a vast array of different causes and activities to engage and inspire employees.

Here’s a rundown of the fantastic organizations we supported and the work that we did.

  • Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. We sorted over 10,537 pieces of produce, which contributed to over 8,737 meals for Los Angeles’ homeless population.

  • My Friend’s Place. We donated $500 worth of clothing, towels, flip flops, rain jackets, and toiletries for the charity’s April Showers Drive, benefiting homeless teenagers in Los Angeles.

  • Heal the Bay. We spent three hours cleaning up a Santa Monica beach, focusing on microplastic pollution.

  • Operation Gratitude. We wrote personal letters of appreciation to U.S. troops, first responders, veterans, military families, and their caregivers.

  • Sit Stay Read. We made 57 cards for summer reading kits that encouraged at-risk kids to practice their reading skills.  

  • Habitat for Humanity. We worked at Habitat ReStore, measuring, cleaning, and labeling items in the Chicago store.  

  • The Night Ministry. We made 67 hygiene kits for homeless citizens of Chicago.

  • Abbey Community Center. We participated in the Tech Buddy Program, teaching London residents in their 50s and above how to browse the internet and use their mobile phones.

Katherine Hunt, Solutions Engineer, commented on her experience at the Abbey Community Center. “Tech skills are prized but can seem hard to obtain,” she said. “I think it's nice for a tech company to ‘share the wealth.’ Volunteering reminds me of the startling breadth of human experience and makes me aware of how easy it is to help make the world a better place – even if it's just a small improvement.”

Not only did the local communities benefit from the donations of time and goods, the Nativo team grew stronger because of it. “Volunteering is a natural outlet for bonding,” explained Eve Shieh, one of the organizers of Volunteer Week and the office manager at Nativo’s LA office. In fact, employees who participate in a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative become more engaged with their employer and have higher job performance.

Taylor Lubecke, Senior Director of Sales, remarked on the healthy balance that volunteering provides. “We spend a lot of time focused on selling and promoting our brands so volunteering was a nice change of pace. The team enjoyed the feeling of fulfillment from participating in these events, and it has even sparked ongoing volunteer efforts from the team.”

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