How to Monetize Your Mobile Apps with Native


Mobile apps, by nature, provide users with a richer, more seamless experience. So why degrade it with intrusive ad formats? Nativo’s software development kit (SDK) for mobile apps ensures a non-interruptive user experience while giving you the same functionality and ease of use we provide on the web. Here are four more reasons to monetize your mobile apps with native advertising.  


1. Tap into new revenue. Implementing in-app advertising enables you to access new revenue and high-performing native placements via Android- and iOS-compatible apps.

2. Increase volume. Nativo’s demand channels give publishers direct access to a wide range of differentiated demand.

3. Take advantage of video. Video is a valuable tool to increase engagement, especially in-app. The SDK for mobile apps provides comprehensive support for native video, in addition to Native Articles and Native Display.

4. Transact programmatically. Coming soon! The SDK will support programmatic demand to help you achieve the scale you need.

How It Works

Ready to start monetizing your mobile apps with premium branded content? Click the button below to view developer resources for the mobile apps SDK. To incorporate mobile into your native campaigns, contact your dedicated account manager for more information.