Master Seasonal Content Marketing in 5 Steps


While “set it and forget it” might work for your Instant Pot, it’s never a good approach for content marketing. It's important to refresh content regularly to stay relevant and remain connected with your customers. Seasonal content is the perfect solution – it's timely, engaging and creates a sense of immediacy.

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Nativo Content Labs

Never created seasonal content before? Here’s how to master seasonal content marketing in 5 easy steps!

1. Identify your goals. What do you want to accomplish? Whether you aim to raise brand awareness, drive sales of a new product, or capture potential leads, it's important to establish goals early, since they will help to guide your approach.

2. Determine seasonal relevance. How does your brand connect with this season? Another way to approach this is to identify the priorities and concerns of your audience during the season. For example, in summertime you might want to offer a two-for-one special on the International Day of Friendship (August 5th) or highlight your female founders on Women's Equality Day (August 26th).

3. Brainstorm Ideas. Get creative! Thought starters are ideas for specific pieces of content, whether custom or curated from assets living on your website or social properties, for example. (Use ours, linked here, to stoke the creative fires.) Don’t forget to consider different formats: a scroll-to-play video, for instance, is a great way to earn views, while a quiz would better drive engagement.

4. Create and share. It’s time to develop content and share it with the world! Make sure it’s formatted for maximum engagement (think catchy headlines, high-quality imagery and compelling CTAs), then distribute it through the Nativo platform to premium publications that are relevant to both your audience and your content. A personal style quiz, for example, wouldn't make a ton of sense featured in Popular Science.

5. Optimize. To get the most out of your seasonal campaign, A/B test your content. You’ll then need to revisit your content and prioritize the articles, headlines, and images that got the most traction. “Optimizing” your content this way will help you achieve the goals identified in step one.

Now that you’re a seasonal content master, it’s time to get cracking! To give you a boost on the summer season, Nativo has rounded up key summer dates and holidays in our Summer Content Calendar. We’ve included a handy list of summer-themed thought starters for every industry. Simply fill out the form here for your free download.


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