Nativo Announces Nativo v3 for Publishers


Nativo has just announced Nativo v3, a major update of our core technology for open web publishers. We spoke with Eugene Cherny, VP of Product, to get the details.

In layman’s terms, what is Nativo v3?

Version 3 represents the natural evolution of the Nativo platform. In past releases, we perfected how to make the most sophisticated native execution scale across sites and publishers. In v3, we built on that foundation with great new tools for third-party monetization, content workflow, and programmatic capabilities. This is what happens when you reimagine what an ad platform can be, without the display legacy, and with native at its core.

Why did Nativo build v3?

Nativo remains a platform dedicated to helping publishers succeed, with a growing set of tools for direct selling and third-party monetization. Previous versions really refined the product for campaign operations; with v3 we’re extending the benefits of the platform to product managers, revenue ops, in-house content studio teams, and even clients.

How will publishers use v3, both for the big picture and the day-to-day?

On the campaign side, we hope v3 turbocharges publishers’ direct-sales efforts in two ways. First, Content Library workflows will improve the collaboration between creative and operations teams. Second, v3 lets pubs sell direct through programmatic channels. These are both day-to-day benefits and critical to overall publisher strategy.

What are the benefits for users?

We’re giving product and rev ops teams an intuitive visual interface that will help them understand and improve the performance of each placement, find opportunities for revenue, or evaluate demand options and determine how they compete. They have full control over how to monetize their site and how to manage their auction without the hacks required by traditional platforms.

Why is v3 a big deal?

Publishers have been under the thumb of the walled gardens for a while, and v3 gives them the opportunity to take back control. With v3 they have the power to leverage their own brands.  Rather than acting as anonymous demand, publishers that have brand equity can lend that credibility to advertisers. This gives publishers a differentiated offering and lets them work with advertisers to reach consumers in meaningful ways.

Nativo has been referring to “pubtech” lately – what does that mean?

Pubtech thinks about monetization for publishers holistically and brings together content, selling, and monetization into a single platform. Publishers are good at writing compelling editorial content and sponsored content is an awesome vehicle for that as long as you aren't fighting with tech all day. We handle the complexity of adtech for them and free them up to focus on adding real value.


For more information on Nativo v3, contact your Account Manager or reach out to us here.




Eugene Cherny VP, Product Nativo

Eugene Cherny
VP, Product