How Nativo's Values Show Up in Our Work Every Day

Nativo’s values — passion, innovation, execution, teamwork, and leadership — are instilled into everything we do. They’re reflected in the platform we built, the relationships we have with our clients, and our dedication to improving the advertising ecosystem. They’re also the framework for the environment we strive to provide for our most valuable asset: our employees. Here’s how our company values show up in the work we do every day.


Passion is something that we’ve carried with us since the company’s origins. We care about what we do, and we care about doing it well. Similarly, we care about the people we work with, and we care about treating them well. It’s important to us that our team is part of an industry they care about, and that they care about making it better.


We want to inspire our employees to be the kind of people who improve everything they touch. This means not just doing work, but constantly finding ways to do it better. And it means rather than the usual advice of “just be yourself,” we encourage our team members to become better versions of themselves.


Our company is growing fast. We started with a few  employees in 2010 and reached nearly 200 by 2018. There is always a lot to do, so we empower our team to prioritize, focus on the things that have the greatest impact, and take action without delay.


Many minds working well together is always better than one: the biggest accomplishments are achieved through teamwork. We foster a workplace where employees learn from their teammates and help each other succeed and grow. We love spending time with each other not only in the office, but outside of the office as well. This is especially evident during volunteer week.


Our founder and CEO, Justin Choi, motivates all of us to lead by example. This includes looking to the future and thinking and acting strategically. Team leaders work side-by-side with their teams and enable them to succeed. We lead by getting things done, empowering others, and grooming from within.  


Celebration is another value that permeates our day-to-day life at the office. Whether it be through promoting long-standing team members and helping them advance their careers, giving shoutouts to each other at our All-Hands meetings, or relaxing during our office happy hours, Nativo celebrates good wins, good deeds, and good people. Our annual summit is another way we come together and celebrate hard work.

Learn more about Nativo’s culture by watching the video above, or by visiting the culture page on our website.


Written by:

Chad Peshak Senior Director, Human Resources Nativo

Chad Peshak
Senior Director, Human Resources