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Academics Crown Native over Display

New research conducted by the University of Michigan found that Native Display drives more attention, brand recognition, and higher click-through rates than traditional banner ads. The first-of-a-kind academic study substantiates countless industry studies that show the efficacy of Native advertising over display units. “Our results showcase the superior performance of native over display ads in generating higher click-through rate and brand recognition,” said Professor Anocha Aribarg and Assistant Professor Eric Schwartz.

While the study focuses on upper funnel strategies, Nativo research indicates that click-out Native Display across premium publishers can also drive a 5x higher conversion rate than traditional display. As an alternative to banners, advertisers can use Native Display to send consumer traffic directly to owned web properties or amplify licensed content, publisher-direct sponsorships, and product reviews.

Tips.png Captures Elusive Millennials - considers itself a challenger brand. Unfortunately, millennials are more likely to think of “Monster” the energy drink first. To address this, the brand set about revamping it its paid media strategy with an emphasis on content and native advertising. A study by Millward Brown Digital revealed that native as a channel drove the strongest results throughout a job seeker’s journey, from Aided Awareness, Brand Favorability, Recommendation Intent to Use Intent. Nativo bested all media partners across both traditional and native formats.


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