[Product Update] Publication Management Module

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For publishers, maximizing revenue begins with optimizing inventory. Publishers need to be able to identify top performing placements, what sections to monetize, the best demand sources to be working with, and more. They need access to performance insights and tools to transform those insights into actions.

We are excited to announce the new Publication Management Module, built specifically to help publishers monitor inventory performance, gain insights, and to provide streamlined tools to manage inventory and demand.


Dashboard Metrics Provide Key Insights

Publication-level dashboards provide publishers with instant access to high-level metrics and insights. At a glance, publishers can view a snapshot of key performance metrics across publications.

Additionally, they can take a deeper look at a given publication to view revenue, average yield, inventory, fill rate, viewability, and CTR stats. Charts displaying revenue by channel and inventory utilization give publishers a quick temperature check of their publications, without the need for custom reports.


Optimize Sections and Placements

To help increase revenue, publishers need to understand which placements are top-performing, what placements can be optimized, and what sections have untapped monetization opportunities.

New charts featuring top and bottom-performing sections and placements enable publishers to quickly understand inventory performance. Top-performers can reveal best-practices and bottom-performers can highlight opportunities for improvement.

New Integration Tools Save Time

A new Integration tab provides a centralized location for publishers to manage technical integrations with ease. Here publishers can easily:

  • View the placements and supported templates for in-feed units
  • View the supported templates and preview and edit content landing pages
  • View all content hub pages with a quick link to each, date of creation, last edit date, and the option to edit
  • View and manage custom content landing page templates

Monetization Management

The new Monetization tab provides publishers with a streamlined workflow for demand management. Publishers can opt-in to demand at the demand channel level and then specify allowed ad types, serving policy, pricing floors, and more. 

The new monetization tools provide publishers with greater controls to seamlessly manage demand options and to optimize revenue.