[Product Update] New Monetization Tools


Monetization tools in the Publication Management module will transform the way publishers optimize inventory and demand by providing more control and flexibility. Here you will be able to configure a variety of important tasks that affect demand channel rules and overall monetization for your owned and operated properties. Additionally, advanced controls make it easy to set custom pricing floors or block demand providers to increase flexibility.

Monitor Demand

View holistic monetization details by channel, including evCPM, revenue and current floor price.


Opt-In to Demand Channels

The Monetization Overview tab makes it easy to manage what inventory you make available in a specific demand channel. On this tab you can view a list of all demand channels available to you, including the Nativo demand channels, listed below:

  • Nativo Premium:  The most premium demand from Nativo’s direct relationships with top advertisers and agencies.
  • Nativo Español:  The most premium invite-only access to Nativo-exclusive, direct-sold, Spanish-language demand.
  • Content Amplification:  Amplified, high-quality demand from publisher-sold campaigns, Nativo-reviewed and approved.
  • Video Syndication:  High-quality demand from 300+ premium publishers across Entertainment, News, Sports and Lifestyle categories.
  • nativeRTB:  Robust, third-party demand in an open exchange that provides new fill opportunities.

Set Monetization Rules

For each demand channel you can view and manage allowed ad types, demand providers and evCPM floors. If you accept demand from Nativo, all of your inventory will be added into Nativo Premium by default. You can also choose to join demand channels you are not yet participating in.


Publishers can also set publication-specific demand channel priorities to control the order of demand channel monetization at any given time. This allows the ability to create a holistic auction between all demand channels or keep a more structured hierarchy that prioritizes direct-sold orders ahead of Nativo-managed demand, followed by 3rd party demand. Each demand channel can be set at a high, medium or low priority within the demand channel settings.

Prioritization settings can be assigned for Owned & Operated, Nativo Premium, Content Amplification, Video Syndication, nativeRTB, and any other private marketplace that publishers are opted-in to. For publishers selling direct to advertisers, the Owned & Operated demand channel will be set to high priority by default but this setting can easily be changed.


Updated May 8, 2018