[Product Update] Create Campaign-Specific Reports with Ease

Creating and running reports is time-consuming, especially for users managing multiple campaigns. This product update provides you a reporting head start by making it easy to schedule an existing report to run across multiple campaigns.

Get started by choosing an existing Campaign report and selecting “Schedule” from the dropdown. You’ll notice a new option to “Apply the report settings to specific campaign” in the schedule report dialog.

1.8.1 Campaign Reporting #1.png

Select this option to specify the campaign you would like to report on. By default, the campaign’s flight dates will be used for the report date range and the email schedule. If you prefer, you can still use the date range specified in the report (e.g. Last 7 Days) or set an email schedule by unchecking the corresponding boxes.

From here, you can schedule the frequency and add recipients and any custom message you would like to include. Click to “Save” and your report will be saved to your Schedules tab. Try this today!