Four Reasons to Buy Programmatic Native


We can trace programmatic’s inflection point to 2010, when the Real Time Bidding Project formed to create an open protocol for digital media trading. Since then, programmatic grew from 4% of total US display ad spend to a projected 84% in 2019.

The rapid growth of automated media spending has led brands into uncharted waters while they juggle top priorities, like brand safety and premium experiences, with the promise of major efficiencies. As programmatic reveals its strengths and continues to evolve, the need for better options for savvy buyers is as undeniable as the benefits that draw us towards it. In the midst of these competing currents, Nativo is ready with a comprehensive programmatic solution.

Why go programmatic with Nativo’s Private Marketplace?

Brand Safe

Your programmatic buys connect you with contextually relevant, premium editorial inventory. Publisher-direct relationships comprise all Nativo inventory: these partners are thoroughly vetted against internal quality assurance standards.


Gather deep insights in the early weeks of your campaign including first-party data and content analytics. Parlay this knowledge into mid-campaign targeting and creative adjustments that multiply the effectiveness of your ads.


Connect with a designated Programmatic Strategist to receive campaign insights, optimization support, reporting, and strategic guidance. We treat every programmatic campaign as a partnership to ensure high-quality results.


Select from a complete array of native formats including display, video and articles to build the package that’s right for you to reach consumers at every stage of their journey. If you’re not sure which formats can best meet your objectives, check out our curated programmatic packages.

Considering programmatic for your brand?

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180% viewability based on Moat reporting. Moat is an MRC accredited native ad verification vendor.
2 Certified by Moat. Allows for up to 3% discrepancy.