Programmatic for DBM + Added Publications Visibility


Launching Soon: Publication Management Module

We focus on providing solutions to power our publisher partners’ business and to improve their daily lives. We know publishers struggle to develop performing inventory, to identify the best placements, and to optimize yield, so Nativo built a set of tools to do just that!

The new Publications Management Module makes inventory and monetization management more intuitive with a goal to help publishers increase revenue. It provides publishers dashboard-style reporting integrated with easy-to-use tools to better manage inventory and optimize demand. 


Leveraging Insights

Publication-level dashboards provide publishers with instant access to high-level metrics and insights. At-a-glance, publishers can view a snapshot of key performance metrics for a given publication, including revenue, evCPM, inventory, fill rate, viewability, and CTR stats. Charts displaying revenue by channel and inventory utilization give publishers a quick temperature check of their publications, without having to run custom reports.

Optimizing Inventory Performance

In an effort to drive more revenue, publishers need to identify what placements are top-performing, what placements can be optimized, and what sections may be hiding monetization opportunities.

New charts featuring top and bottom-performing sections and placements enable publishers to quickly understand inventory performance. Analysis of top-performers helps to uncover best-practices and a review of bottom-performers helps to identify opportunities for improvement. With these tools at your fingertips, it is easy to go from insights to action.

Putting Monetization Controls into Publisher Hands

The Nativo platform offers publishers robust options for monetization, from our direct-sales efforts, which provide the most premium demand in the market, to integrated third-party fill solutions. Now, publishers can easily view and manage demand with new monetization controls. Publishers are able to leverage more granular selections for various demand channels, allowed ad types, serving policies, pricing floors, and more. The new monetization tools provide publishers with greater controls to seamlessly manage demand options and to optimize revenue.


Want To Learn More?

To learn more about the new Publication Management Module join us for our webinar on August 23rd, where we will walk through best practices and pro tips!


New Ad Products Capture Video Dollars

As advertising dollars continue to shift to video, it is important for publishers to tap into this growing revenue opportunity. At the same time many publishers struggle to find video inventory and lack opportunities to monetize editorial video. Nativo’s suite of Publisher Video Solutions offers publishers three polished video options to capture growing advertiser demand.

Amplify Reach for Direct Sales

Tight inventory for pre-roll limits publishers’ ability to drive revenue from direct advertiser spend. Nativo offers two video products to amplify the reach of publishers’ direct sales campaigns.

Nativo’s On-Site Video Amplification turns available Owned and Operated in-feed placements into valuable video inventory that can accept pre-roll campaigns. By running editorial video in-feed and monetizing it with scroll-to-play pre-roll, publishers can tap immediate incremental revenue from existing direct sales efforts.

Nativo’s Off-Site Video Amplification extends video reach beyond Owned & Operated properties to brand-safe, premium video inventory across the Nativo exchange. This enables publishers to maximize top-line revenue and CPMs from direct sales without compromising scale, targeting, or delivery goals.

Better Monetize Unsold Inventory

With increasing native supply in the market, publishers need better monetization solutions for unsold inventory. Nativo’s In-Feed Video Syndication solution provides premium ad-supported video content for publishers’ in-feed native placements.

Leveraging Nativo partnerships with premium content providers, publishers can activate incremental high quality video demand across existing in-feed native placements and manage this new revenue stream seamlessly within the platform UI.

Do you want to grow your video revenue? Contact your Account Manager to find out more about Nativo’s Publisher Video Solutions.

Nativo Extends Programmatic Pipes to Reach DBM Buyers

The world is going native. Earlier this spring, eMarketer predicted 40 percent annual growth for native advertising on the open web, much of this spurred by new programmatic buying. In August Nativo will announce increased programmatic access thanks to OpenRTB integrations with the Rubicon Project and BidSwitch. Each integration connects Nativo customers with programmatic buyers on demand-side platforms including DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) for open exchange buying. Buyers will be able to buy Native Display programmatically via Nativo Open. Stay tuned for more details.

Linked / Clickout is now Native Display

To better align to industry nomenclature, we renamed the Linked / Clickout execution to Native Display. Native Display more clearly describes the ad format, making it easy for partners to communicate and sell this format. You will see this update reflected throughout the platform.

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