How To Unlock New Advertising Dollars With Programmatic


eMarketer estimates nearly four out of of every five US digital display dollars will transact programmatically in 2017, totaling $32.56 billion. By 2019, programmatic share will rise to 84.0%. To keep pace with the steep adoption curve of programmatic, independent publishers must introduce automated buying options for native advertising.

Nativo’s Programmatic for Publishers brings robust sell-side workflows and an integrated SSP / ad serving solution to publishers looking to support programmatic media buying. Whether it’s to enable your direct sales team to do programmatic or to offer custom inventory packages to specific third-party buyers, Nativo provides the solution you need.

Programmatic for Your Direct Sales Team

For publishers with a direct sales team who want to access programmatic budgets directly from their agency and brand relationships, Nativo’s Direct Deals is the perfect option. Publishers can negotiate a deal with an individual brand or agency and define a floor price, as well as audit and reject creatives coming through programmatic pipes. With Direct Deals, Advertiser partners can transact programmatically via DSPs including The Trade Desk and DBM.

Leverage Third-Party Demand

Nativo’s Open Deals enable publishers to provide custom and “always on” packages to third-party buyers, including networks, SSPs, DSPs and exchanges. With Open Deals, publishers negotiate directly to make their inventory discoverable via third-party buying platforms. A key benefit with Open Deals is that branded inventory packages marketed on these platforms command higher CPMs compared to unbranded inventory made available programmatically. For publishers seeking additional programmatic demand, Nativo's nativeRTB aggregates an ever-growing list of third-party demand providers in an open exchange to provide new fill opportunities for publishers. 

Transparency in the Programmatic Space

Nativo’s Programmatic for Publishers offering provides additional transparency and insights into programmatic performance. With intuitive, self-serve reporting options, publishers can gain insights into the bidding behavior and auction performance for the deals and DSPs accessing their inventory programmatically. A dedicated Auction Report, coming soon, will include metrics such as average bid price and win rate, enabling publishers to make more informed decisions regarding setting floor prices and enabling or blocking demand partners. In a landscape notorious for opacity, Nativo provides publishers with transparency and insights.

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