Unified Header Solution, Ads.txt + More


Coming Soon: Unified Header Solution

Nativo is introducing a unified header solution to our holistic auction. The solution will give publishers the control to consolidate a full range of demand sources, formats, and delivery as well as provide access to unique demand. It will also allow the flexibility to configure how each demand source competes for impressions based on their unique business objectives.

Soon, you will have the unprecedented ability to manage a comprehensive selection of demand including direct-sold orders, Nativo demand, programmatic, and a complete native demand portfolio, as well as Facebook Audience Network for approved publishers. Eventually, the unified auction could become a single source for demand — even with access to display ad providers. Key benefits of the unified solution include faster page and ad loads and deeper insights into auction and bid landscapes. Interested in being a beta partner? Let us know by clicking the link below and our team will be in touch. Please note, beta programs are subject to availability.


Leveraging Video to Drive Campaign Effectiveness

Video is an increasingly popular tool to drive awareness, engagement, site visits, and more. To support these specific goals, provide you with more flexibility, and better align with industry conventions, we updated our reporting on video headline click behavior. Here's a simple and helpful guide on the differences between the old reporting and new..


Top Moments of 2017

2017 was an exciting year for Nativo. We helped deliver meaningful content experiences to consumers, improved the way marketers distribute and analyze the impact of branded content, and supported publishers with healthier monetization alternatives. In the process, we added new products and features to help meet the top needs of publishers, from increasing fill to bridging the gap between demand and reach.


What Publishers Need to Know About Ads.txt

Created to help eliminate counterfeit inventory from entering the open digital advertising ecosystem, IAB’s Ads.txt specification enables content owners to declare who is authorized to sell their inventory. As part of our long-held stance on transparency, authenticity, and accountability, Nativo is fully supportive of IAB’s efforts. Publishers must take action to ensure they are compliant; you’ll soon see a page in the Publications tab that will allow you to easily add Nativo to your ads.txt file. In the meantime, click the button below to get more details.


Permission-Based Advertising Tips Scale Toward Content

With the GDPR deadline looming, questions arise about the potential effects of permission-based advertising. Nativo’s Chris Rooke, SVP of Strategy and Operations, spoke with ExchangeWire about a potential upside: permission-based advertising could improve content and bolster the connection between brands and consumers.


January 2018 Publisher Newsletter