The Next Native: Publishers Tap The Power Of Content With Nativo Help


Innovation in advertising strategy is key for publishers looking to find new sources of revenue and sustain business models. The need for quality ad formats that enhance user experience, combined with new methods of monetizing content, make this a heady time for the publishing industry.

Native advertising is one solution, but it’s important to clarify what constitutes an effective, sustainable, native ad program. At the recent MediaPost Publishing Insider Summit, a panel discussion on what does and doesn’t work in integrated advertising included mention of how Nativo has helped publishers deliver relevant content and measure impact.

Amy Royster, Managing Director Agency Strategy for Ideabar (Cox Media Group), remarked:

When we were trying to publish native on our own CMS, it was inefficient and difficult to target, and we really didn’t pick up speed [with native operations]... Nativo helped us do that.

Lee Zellweger, Publisher, Readers Digest Brands, added that their publishing group works with Nativo to monetize around custom native campaigns that also solidify consumer trust with high UX.

Watch the video now to learn how publishers use native advertising to harmonize editorial and promoted content, differentiate themselves, and ultimately, innovate beyond the “same old” native.