What’s the Latest Trend For Retailers? Utilizing the Native Advertising Space

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From discovering seasonal fashion trends to finding the right accessories to pair with an outfit, retail brands have a "lookbook" of themes and execution options that perform well using native advertising. So what works? Here we offer insight on what drives users to click and how brands can utilize native executions to achieve their KPIs and track conversions.

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Nativo Content Labs

Spark Seasonal Style Interests

Engage users with compelling content and utilize the capabilities of the content landing page.

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We recently ran a campaign with a major retailer who utilized a full suite of content themes and formats to drive Click-Through Rates (CTR), Time on Content, Site Traffic (CTA Rate) and Conversions. The native articles focused on fall fashion trends, featuring influencer content that had already been created for publications like Seventeen, Cosmo and Marie Claire. By syndicating these articles across our premium publisher network, we were able to A/B test slideshows vs. listicles and various content formats to see which resulted in better user engagement.

After the campaign, we found that seasonal influencer content that included fashion tips, tricks and advice resonated well with the target demographic. This resulted in a high number of users (W 18-54) clicking on the ad unit to engage with the content on the landing page. Using slideshows with clickable links was a smart tactic to increase traffic to the product pages, and listicles kept readers on the page, boosting a key KPI of Time on Content.  

Show Them What’s Trending

Increase awareness with fashion videos.

Often retailers have celebrity endorsements and/or influencers creating YouTube videos that are hosted on their owned channels. With our Scroll-to-Play and Click-to-Play executions, these videos can also be syndicated across multiple publisher sites to reach audiences when and where they are already engaged with the content. These videos often showcase fashion outfits or style tips using playful and highly visual scenes, which makes them easy to consume across devices.

Pro tip: Include subtitles to accommodate sound-off viewing.

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Make Shopping Easy

Drive traffic to specific product pages to increase online purchases and sales.

Whether it's back-to-school fashion or a new line of jeans, Native Display sends users directly to product pages – to either learn more about the item or purchase it directly online. All that’s needed is an eye-catching fashion shot, a trendsetting headline, and a specific URL.

To further push users along the consumer journey, retail brands can utilize retargeting tactics by creating headlines that are more action-oriented and purchase-focused (e.g. Take the Next Step: Buy the Latest Fall Trends).

Measure Impact and Purchase Behavior

Track online and in-store purchases.

Does engagement actually drive sales? In short, yes. Results have shown that, in comparison to users unexposed to a branded retail native ad, both online sales (Oracle/Visa Study) and in-store purchases increased after exposure. Including such studies in your campaign is an impactful way to solidify your ROI.

Shoppers are already online, looking for the latest fashion trends, so what are you waiting for? Build a native campaign to meet your KPIs this season!