Moms, Dads, and Grads: Celebrate Family With Seasonal Campaigns


Marketing for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation season can be a daunting task. The heartfelt gratitude one feels for Mom and Dad, and the pride one experiences when a loved one receives a diploma, make this a particularly emotional season. Brands that successfully tap into this nostalgia have a better shot at reaching their customer base: consumers are more likely to consider a brand to which they feel an emotional connection. How can brands maintain that connection while building a comprehensive purchase strategy around this pivotal time period?

Native advertising can achieve both. It improves brand favorability and increases purchase intent more than than traditional ad formats.* Native is also an ideal format to tell your brand story and engage target demographics in their favorite feeds, throughout their consumer journey. For example, a website catering to tips and tricks for new parents is a great place to reach and influence those in market for Mother's or Father's Day gifts, while gift ideas for graduates might be found on more lifestyle- and entertainment-focused publications.

Brands rely heavily on video content this time of year. Video’s inherent visual nature lets it tug fiercely at heartstrings: envision graduates striding across the stage to receive their diplomas, or a toddler surprising his mom with breakfast in bed. Videos that spark an emotional response tend to be the most memorable as well: shares often continue long after the holiday has passed.

Thanks to our premium, publisher-direct marketplace, commitment to always-viewable inventory, and bot-free impressions, Nativo enables brands to target 147 million Mother’s Day shoppers, 121 million Father’s Day shoppers, and 96 million soon-to-be graduates.** Leverage Nativo’s full suite of native formats to distribute these emotional, heartfelt stories. Generate reach and awareness with Native Video and Native Articles and boost action and lower-funnel activity by re-messaging proven, engaged users with Native Display. Link the stages of the consumer journey and consolidate valuable data analytics in a single platform, which will organize your approach to extract insights for future marketing campaigns.

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**Oracle Data

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