Native Advertising Gets an A+ for Back-to-School Season


Back-to-school season will be here before you know it — have you done your homework? Reaching consumers as they wrap up their summer vacations and start to prepare for the upcoming school year is easier than you think. We’re giving you some assignments to brush up your native advertising knowledge.

Assignment: Gain Consideration From Back-to-School Shoppers

Solution: Native Video. Some might call it the advertising version of show and tell: Native Video puts your brand’s content within the editorial feed of premium publishers. Boost brand awareness and achieve reach with Scroll-to-Play Video, which automatically plays, muted, once 50% of the video player comes into view. Uncover motivated consumers and raise engagement with user-initiated Click-to-Play Video.

Assignment: Drive Engagement and Customer Retention

Solution: Native Articles. What drives 5.4x greater purchase intent, 6.4x greater online ad recall, and 4.4x greater unaided awareness than traditional display ads*? Native Articles. With branded content that matches the look and feel of a publisher’s site, this non-interruptive and engaging experience passes with flying colors.

Assignment: Increase Sales

Solution: Native Display. Even if engagement is proven, re-messaging to engaged consumers helps push them further down the purchase path. Our Native Display ad units send traffic directly to O&O properties or amplify positive press.

Assignment: Engage Shoppers With Video

Solution: Automated Video Creation. No need to pull an all-nighter toiling over video content creation. Nativo’s text-to-video service can easily transform existing content, such as a brand webpage, article, or blog post, into video in no time. Plus, branded video achieves 50% higher lift than pre-roll.**

Assignment: Stay Connected to Consumers

Solution: Seasonal Content Marketing. The back-to-school season is a perfect opportunity to create timely content to stay relevant and connect with consumers. Once you’ve mastered our five steps to seasonal content marketing, download our back-to-school insights and thought starters by clicking the button below.

*Native Articles compared to non-exposed; comScore BSL Study, 2016
**MediaPost, 2016