Now Available: Smart Help



Digital advertising evolves as fast, if not faster, than any industry: it can be difficult to keep up with every advancement and three-letter acronym. Nativo has you covered. Our new Smart Help is your go-to resource to make sure you are clear on a growing glossary of industry and Nativo-specific terminology.


Boost Platform Knowledge Simply and Effectively

Designed to educate platform users simply and efficiently, Smart Help transforms the way they can access information. It’s as easy as typing a keyword or search term into the Smart Help toolbar; the platform will instantly provide a list of results matching the search. This lets users gain platform knowledge at any point in their daily workflow without having to devote additional time to studying glossary terms or reviewing new information in the ever-growing database of “all things Nativo.” Smart Help includes platform-specific terminology as well as information on reporting, ad formats, campaign, and budget settings.

Get started by clicking on the question mark on the Nativo platform’s search bar, which will activate Smart Help.

For more information on how to better utilize the Nativo platform, contact your account manager or click the button below.