Breaking: Spend On Native Advertising Report

Hot off the presses, our Spend On Native Advertising Report (SONAR) analyzes 2016 to 2017 data from more than 600 brands in Nativo’s marketplace. It shows dramatic YoY growth across a variety of verticals

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Nativo’s SONAR provides a competitive advantage to digital marketers, with detailed insights into advertiser behavior within their respective industries . Get informative tips on what to look for when choosing a native platform and learn why marketers consistently include native in their media plans. Fill out the form here to receive a free download!

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"Knowing that content lives in trusted and brand-safe environments, precisely when readers are researching and evaluating business or leisure destinations, is the ideal context to engage a motivated audience’s discovery. We consistently see strong performance, and the learnings we identify from testing different content strategies are meaningful to our clients’ larger marketing programs."

- Lindsey Patterson, Media Director, R&R Partners

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