Programmatic Native Video Made Easier on The Trade Desk


Learn more about programmatic native video:

Nativo has enhanced its video integration with The Trade Desk (TTD) to include its Scroll-to-Play Native Video format. This enhancement builds on an initial integration announced in March that included click-in True Native, click-out Native Display, and Click-to-Play Video.

In addition to filling out its comprehensive catalog of native formats, the new programmatic offering streamlines the workflow entirely to the TTD interface, with video assets hosted on TTD. Practically speaking, the update empowers buyers on the TTD platform to more easily include native video in their digital media plan. It also means impressions: both Nativo video formats are now seamlessly included in TTD reporting.

This comes at a time when consumer behavior indicates a preference for video content packaged in Native formats. In fact, Nielsen reports that highly targeted video content within a native environment results in 50% higher brand lift compared to traditional pre-roll video. Now programmatic buyers can promote branded video content directly into the feeds of publishers within the Nativo Premium marketplace via custom programmatic deals available exclusively through the Nativo media team. Nativo Premium is the only source for full access to Nativo’s highest-quality impressions from over 400 of the world’s most premium publisher partners.

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