Native Articles Win With Household Goods Brand



A leading American household goods manufacturer launched a breakthrough food storage container company that features patented technology to keep produce fresher up to 80% longer than traditional produce packaging. The brand sought to drive awareness of its innovative technology and immediate benefits to everyday life by distributing informative, branded content across hundreds of relevant publishers. The multi-faceted campaign included native advertising, earned media, and traditional paid media.


The brand leveraged Nativo’s unique Native Article format, wherein consumers discover the brand via a native ad unit in the publisher newsfeed, and consume brand content directly on the publisher site like any other article. This authentic execution was scaled across hundreds of contextually relevant sites, promoting learned media and social influencer content, such as recipes, listicles and product reviews.



Research Now quantified the value of engagement by measuring impact on brand health metrics. Panelists within the brand’s desired audience were targeted with native ads and tagged upon exposure to the ad unit and content. Panelists were surveyed pre- and post-exposure (within 24 hours) across devices, including desktop, mobile web and in-app to evaluate ad effectiveness.

When respondents were asked to agree if they feel the brand “keeps produce fresher longer,” the target audience moved from 30% agree to 72% agree after either Native Ad or Native Article exposure.


Key Stats