[Product Update] New Video Reporting Improves Campaign Insights


Video is an increasingly popular tool that advertisers and agencies are using to drive awareness, engagement, site visits, and more. Depending on advertiser campaign goals, a click on a video ad may support the consumer journey by directing them to a brand site or a specific product page, or allow a consumer to further engage with the video.

To support these specific goals and provide our publisher and advertising partners with more flexibility, we have updated our reporting on video headline click behavior. Our partners now have the option to send video click traffic to an external URL or an internal landing page, or direct clicks to control video playback behavior. For even more granular control, users can now set this behavior at the ad level.

Reporting Updates

Along with enabling the ability to drive specific actions, we want to ensure we are accurately measuring and reporting on those actions. We have made a number of updates to how we measure specific video metrics in order to better align our video click reporting with industry conventions. In all cases, there will be no impact on video metrics, including starts, views, or watch time. Please see below for details:

video reporting table.png

What Impact Will This Have on Campaigns?

As a result of this reporting update:

  • The CTA rate will be eliminated for video.

  • The CTR rate will more accurately represent industry conventions.

  • The CTR rate may increase or decrease, depending on the preferred action.

  • Video starts will remain unchanged.

Need more information? Please contact your Account Manager.