Consumer Survey Confirms Value Of Dual Disclosure


A Nativo survey of 195 consumers revealed that with proper disclosures - dual disclosures - the vast majority of consumers understand what sponsored content is and who creates it. Participants in a survey were presented with two stories (one non-sponsored, one sponsored). They then answered a series of open form questions addressing the differences between the two articles.

Article 1: Non-sponsored story's ad unit


Article 2: Sponsored story's ad unit


Consumer responses to survey questions:

  • 40% of readers understood why sponsored ad was formatted differently from the editorial content.
  • 84% of respondents correctly defined “sponsored content.”
  • 93% correctly identified the byline author as the advertiser.
sponsored content Charts.jpg

These results demonstrate that providing dual disclosures within the native ad unit minimizes consumer confusion. A sponsored content label clarifies the nature of brand content and the source of content as the advertiser is clarified by a visible byline. 

In conjunction with IAB UK Content and Native Disclosure Guideline adherence, research such as the Nativo survey can be conducted to ensure the best possible consumer experience as readers visit their trusted publisher sites to engage with content.