Under The Tree For 2020: Customer Experience

DMNews.com | December 23, 2019 CEO Justin Choi predicts the latency issues publishers must address to preserve the user experience.

DMNews.com | December 23,  2019 -  All throughout the year, marketers have been trying to keep up with shoppers. They adopt omnichannel strategies and customer-centric messaging to meet valued buyers at the right time, in the right context. With increased fragmentation and new popular platforms, the job appears to be getting more difficult, instead of easier.

In the spirit of giving, DMN drew on a wide range of digital experts to share what presents will help marketers the most in 2020.

“Latency Tax” Evasion

Justin Choi, CEO & founder, Nativo

Consumers are expecting better online experience and there’s a big problem with latency in digital advertising. There will be a greater spotlight on the “latency tax” that the open web experiences – slow down from trackers and ad tech that hurts user engagement, audience growth, and ultimately, monetization. As we head into 2020, the disparity between content load times and ad load times will increase, resulting in higher bounce rates and loss of revenue for publishers. Publishers will need to address latency issues now or risk losing the ability to retain their audiences over the long term.


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