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Frequently Asked Questions

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is the placement of branded content in the content feed of a publication. The placement is matched to the layout of the site but clearly labeled as an advertiser-promoted article. Common examples of native ads that you see everyday are Promoted Tweets on Twitter and Sponsored Stories on Facebook.

What will advertiser sponsored content look like?

Each placement of advertiser sponsored content is formatted to be consistent with the layout of the site on which it appears. It is clearly marked as an advertiser sponsored content. The advertiser’s brand or product is listed as the content's author along with the brand or product’s logo within the content.

Will the content be relevant to my site?

Relevancy is enforced in two ways. First, advertisers cannot choose the individual sites on which their content will appear. Nativo automatically matches the content to relevant sites based on the information contained in the content. Further, the Nativo platform will analyze initial read rates in the first few hours of the campaign. If your audience is not responding to the article, no further impressions will be delivered to your site. The content will only continue to appear on your site as long as your audience is responding to it.

What does your JavaScript do?

Our JavaScript code counts page views and visitors to your site and indexes your content. The index allows us to enforce relevancy and match the appropriate advertiser-sponsored content to your site. The JavaScript also renders the content on your site.

Will your JavaScript slow down my site?

To ensure that our code does not slow down your site, our JavaScript has been engineered to be extremely lightweight. Our content is served from multiple world-class data centers and content delivery networks (CDNs). A hardware-based request time limit ensures that there are no server delays and will never slow down your site.

Will my audience know that the content is sponsored?

Yes. Each placement is labeled as Nativo with a clear message that the content is sponsored. The logo of the advertiser’s brand or product is shown with each Nativo placement and the brand or product is listed as the content's author.

Does the content have a negative or positive impact on search engine optimization? (SEO)

The articles are dynamically served and inserted as an ad. Once the campaign reaches its end date or impression target, the article is gone from your site. It's not placed into your CMS. All articles and links served by Nativo include nofollow and noindex tags. The system is designed to not create a positive or negative impact on SEO.

Can I run my existing ad units around the Nativo placement?

Yes. As long as you do not modify our content, we don't limit the advertising you do around the Nativo placement.

How do I get started?

Contact us today and a publisher manager will reach out to you.

How can I manage my Nativo ad settings?

To find out more about how you can manage your Nativo ad settings as a consumer, CLICK HERE.