Terms Of Use

All publishers accepting demand from Bidswitch GmbH agree that all websites and/or online locations and their content with which a publisher uses the Bidswitch service shall not: (a) violate or encourage violation of any applicable laws, regulations or advertising codes; (b) infringe any intellectual property rights of any third party or contain any material which may be harmful, abusive, threatening, or defamatory; (c) be pornographic, obscene or contain sexually explicit images or activity; (d) promote or contain links to gambling, online casinos, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons; or (e) promote or contain links to malware including but not limited to 'viruses' 'Trojans' and worms. Bidswitch may reject any websites on the Bidswitch platform where Bidswitch believes that (a) the websites or the content of such website do not comply with applicable laws, regulations and advertising codes or third party rights; or (b) the website or the content of the website endanger the security of the Bidswitch platform or its users.